Yam & Lemon Balm Omelette (What!? Yum.)

I’m trying really hard not to kill my herb planter that sits out on my patio. I’m really trying very hard. With all this heat and me being gone at work all day every day, it’s not easy! So, I’m trying to get creative with the use of my herbs before they all die. Not that I really think they’re going to die… oh who am I kidding!? They have a definite expiration date. I had 1/2 a yam in my fridge so my wheels started turning and voila, this is the creation that materialized. I learned how to use my immediately accessible resources from the best. My mom taught us well to eat what we affectionately called “cupboard food” when we didn’t want to drive to the store. Well, I don’t know if I was affectionate about it then, (it was more like “ohhh, cupboard food!?” in a whiny voice…) but I am now! I love looking into my fridge and pantry and thinking, what can I make without going to the store? It fosters creativity and unexpected deliciousness! So, here’s what I had for breakfast, not without a steaming cup of coffee. What did YOU have for breakfast?

Yam & Lemon Balm Omelette (with fresh cherry tomato garnish)

Cut up yam and red onion, sauté with in olive oil that’s already heated in the pan.

Then, add the chopped lemon balm and sprinkle with sea salt.

When yams are cooked through and onion is translucent, add 2 beaten eggs.

When eggs are cooked around the edges, move around the edge with a spatula to loosen edges. Add grated sharp cheddar cheese. Place pan under the broiler until cheese is browned and bubbly and eggs are cooked.

Take out of oven and fold in half. Ta da! You have a scrumptious and unique omelette.


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